The Ultimate Gift Unboxing for Harry Potter's Birthday

On July 31st, in 1980, the world's most famous wizard was born...Harry Potter. We don't know about you, but ever since Wizards Unite burst onto the AR scene, our inner-Potterheads have gone into overdrive. So we thought it was only suitable to celebrate our favorite wizard on his birthday.  

If you're reading this, Harry, we know exactly what you would want for your birthday — a 5,000 mAh CELLder Wand power bank. With a lithium-ion core and extendable design, it's the perfect digital accessory for the modern witch or wizard. This unboxing video is for you. 

Get The CELLder Wand For Yourself 

To celebrate Harry's birthday, we are offering some special bonuses of our own. Ending Friday August 2nd at midnight PDT: buy a CELLder Wand and we'll give you another CELLder Wand for FREE* 

To claim this offer:

Add your CELLder Wand to Cart

And use the code: HarryBirthday19 to get your discount. 

*offer ends, Friday, August 2nd (2019) at midnight PDT 


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