3 Reasons Why We’re Still Playing Pokemon Go

3 Reasons Why We’re Still Playing Pokemon Go
Hello fellow Trainers! Happy August to ya!

This summer we’ve found ourselves out on the streets playing more than ever. And it’s not just us who still have the itch – right now there are more active users playing Pokemon than the first week of launch (way back when Pokemon Go was taking over news headlines for all the right and wrong reasons).

So why is everyone still going crazy about it? Well, I’m glad you asked… Here’s a couple of reasons we think why the game is trending hard. 

  1. Feeling Hot: Summer is the perfect time to hit the streets in search of Pokemon. The warmer weather is driving people – and Pokemon – out of hiding. 
  2. Almost All the features: With trading (and battling rumored to be released later this month), Pokemon Go is as intense as ever. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent deliberating over whether I should trade my Tauros for Chase’s Kangaskhan… 
  3. Chargemander Still On Point! The last and most obvious reason is that our Chargemanders are looking as good as ever. Playing with a Pokedex battery case keeps us going for hours and hours on end… 

Been out of the game and want to dip your toes back in? Right now there is a special trading event with huge XP and Candy bonuses. Currently, all trades will cost 25% less stardust to complete and there are bonus Candies for those who acquire a Pokemon not currently in their Pokedex (aka your Chargemander). This is up for grabs until August 19 at 9:00 P.M. PDT and applies to all friends, even brand-new ones.

To Celebrate the special trading event, we are offering some special bonuses of our own. From now until August 19th at 9pm PDT if you buy a Chargemander, we'll give you a FREE Gamer Series Pokédex or Pika Power Bank ($30 Value).* 

To claim this offer:

choose your Chargemander and Add To Cart

choose your Gamer Series Power Bamk and Add To Cart

Use code "TradingBonus" at checkout to claim!

*offer ends August 19th at 9pm PDT 

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