The Best Pokémon Go Trades... and The Worst!

The Best Pokémon Go Trades... and The Worst!

Happy Sunday, Trainers!

I don’t know about you, but ever since trading has been introduced into Pokemon Go, I’ve never felt more excited (and more nostalgic) in my life. It takes the game to a new level and I’m having serious flashbacks to school when my life revolved around trading Pokémon in the original Red & Blue.

There’s nothing like the thrill of making a great Pokémon trade – it’s all about the chase, the lead-up, and those final moments when you expertly negotiate a deal with a friend. I swear Pokemon taught me more about negotiation than my Negotiation and Dispute Resolution course at college…

However, as all trainers know, with the highs come the lows. And it’s all fun and games until someone makes a bad trade… A couple of weeks ago, I made one of the best trades (so far) of my life (I got a Dragonite for my Tyranitar), and one of the worst (my beloved Tropius for a Gardevoir).

This got me thinking – what are some of the best and worst trades that have been going down? I asked my network of trainers and these are the some of their tales…

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The Best Trades For Pokémon Go

“It cost a LOT of stardust, but I traded my Ho-oh  (caught courtesy of Golden Razz Berry) for a Far’fetched (no longer available in my region). About a week or two later, I heard about a Ho-oh in my area and went searching for it with some friends. After a few hours strolling, I found it and was able to raid and replace my missing one. Winning!” – Abe

“My friend was holding onto an Unown and I wanted to trade anything for it. So after a lot of back and forth, I eventually traded him it for my Snorlax with the Body Slam legacy move. Even though I was losing this powerful move, I didn’t care and was so excited to finally have an Unown in my Pokedex.” – Michelle

“My roommate really wanted my Delibird (she joined after Christmas), but she didn’t have anything of value to trade at the time…. So I negotiated that she give me her Aerodactyl PLUS she agreed to clean our cat’s litter tray for the next three months ;)” – Annie 

The Worst Pokémon Go Trades

“I accidentally traded an Arcanine for a Vulpix. My friend sent over the proposal, but I was super stoned and I accepted. WHO ON EARTH WOULD WANT ANOTHER VULPIX?! Lesson learned, smoking weed and playing Pogo, while usually an excellent combination, is not so excellent when it comes to Trading. Doh!” – Roger

“This didn’t happen to me… But a friend of mine traded their Charizard for a Rhydon. LMFAO. He doesn’t know ANYTHING about Pokemon... he said the Rhydon was cute... WTF?!“– Ryan

“My Beedryl for a Lapras. I was so stoked, but then I found another Lapras the next day… “– Lou

So how about you? What are the best and worst trades you’ve made so far on Pokemon Go?

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