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Chargemander (early adopter pricing)

Chargemander (early adopter pricing)

Chargemander (early adopter pricing)


ORDER TODAY TO GET $70 OFF RETAIL PRICE OF $149 (limited time only, while supplies last)

  • The Battery Case For Mobile Gamers. Iconic Gamer Design. 
  • 200%+ Extra Battery: 4800 mAh battery capacity 
  • Charges in Just 15 Minutes: the Chargemander is the world's fastest charging battery case (70% charge in 15 minutes)
  • Lasts 1 to 2 Years: 500 Battery Cycles
  • LED Battery Lights: check your remaining juice with fun green-yellow-red battery indicator lights!
  • In the box: all Chargemanders come with an awesome gamer inspired sticker pack, 15-minute fast charge wall charger, 30-day money back guarantee, user manual and friendly customer service.

30-day money back guarantee.

For shipping timeline based on model, see shipping timeline.

    All Chargemanders come with the Fast-charge 15 min Wall Charger + Sticker Pack.

    Will my phone work with the Universal Chargemander? 
    Review the questions below. If your answer is "yes" then keep going… If the answer is "no", we’re really sorry :-( We don’t accommodate your phone model yet. 
    1) Does it use a micro-USB or USB type-C input to charge? 
    2) Is the charge input located in the middle of the bottom of the phone? 
    3) Is the camera located centrally located*? 
    4) Is the camera 103-155mm from the bottom of the phone?
    5) Is your phone 142-166mm long? (If it is 142-148mm., please specify and the arms will come with larger pads for a more secure fit)
    6) Is your phone 64.5-83.8mm wide?
    7) Is your phone 6-10mm deep?
    If YES, to all then your phone will work great with the Universal Chargemander!
    *If your only "no" is to question #3, then your phone will still work but the camera will be obscured.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Love it so much!!

    Hands down one of my best purchases. Tons of my friends love it and want one for themselves and they love how it works and I love how it works and how long the charge lasts too.

    Outstandingly amazing!!!!

    This thing is the bomb. I love it so much. I haven’t taken it off my phone yet!! It’s great and it was definitely worth the wait.


    Works perfectly and makes my battery last the whole day without having to walk charge it

    Fucking awesome

    It’s so awesome it feels like 100 Dollers In my pocket

    Damn this is not just for charging...

    This thing is a babe MAGNET. I get so many compliments on it and although I get some strange looks from the Poké-challenged, it’s all worth it to feel like the big man on campus