Chargemander, The Battery Case for Mobile Gamers

Currently available for order and pre-order. Please see below for best shipping estimates based on Chargemander model (updated 3/1/17):

  • iPhone 6, 6s and 7: all pre-orders have shipped, new orders ship right away (3-7 business days)
  • iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus and 7 Plus: 50% of pre-orders have shipped, remaining pre-orders + new orders ship mid-march
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7: 50% of pre-orders have shipped, remaining pre-orders + new orders ship mid-march
  • iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and SE: all pre-orders ship end of March
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: all pre-orders ship end of March
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 Active, S7 Active, Note 5 and all other models: all pre-orders ship in April

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Say hello to Chargemander, The Battery Case for Mobile Gamers

We created GogoToro because we are passionate about mobile gaming.

When you look at the other gaming platforms and consoles, there's plenty of great gaming gear, but when you look at mobile phones, there is plenty of everyday gear, but nothing built specifically with gamers in mind. The Chargemander is about to change that.

  • note: The Chargemander comes with FREE Shipping everywhere in the world where games are played :)



Our core missions was to not only provide a case that looks really cool, but also to make sureThe Chargemander is the ultimate battery case for gaming. Here are the 6 reasons why The Chargemander is the ultimate battery case for gamers:


pocket-sized but packed with power!

With 5200 mAh, the Chargemander holds enough battery to fully charge most smart phones 2-3x times - that's enough battery to game for about 33 hours*. And all of this in a portable battery case that fits in your pocket.


Having a beast of a battery isn't enough, it has to be convenient to charge it. By leveraging state-of-the-art custom PCB boards The Chargemander blows away competition in terms of charge speed allowing you to maximize your time gaming, not charging. How fast does it charge? The Chargemander charges up to 16x faster than standard power banks and cases on the market today giving you a full charge in just 15 minutes.

Check out how much power The Chargemander can store in as little as 5 minutes:

charge your Chargemander in just 15 minutes!
charge your Chargemander in just 15 minutes!

Samsung phones have more battery capacity and so it takes longer to charge. 

PLEASE NOTE: Chargemander battery case charges in 15 minutes, not your phone. 


If you are in a rush, plug your Chargemander into the wall charger and charge it in just 15 minutes. If you aren't in a rush and don't have your wall charger laying around, you can also charge your Chargemander with a standard USB cable or with the Chargemander dual-head USB charging cable, which we are now offering as an add-on. (other leading brands like Mophie only let you charge it with the 1 cable)

Charge your Chargemander with either a the included wall charger or any USB cable, like the Chargemander Dual Head USB Cable...


If you have your phone in your Chargemander case and connect the Chargemander to a USB charging cable to charge it then the Chargemander is smart enough to charge your phone first, then charge the Chargemander. Simple, easy and efficient means less time wasted hangin around and more time spent gaming!


The Chargemander has tons of safegaurds in place to ensure safe charging including stopping charging when the case is fully charged to prevent over-heating. When you combine safety with the most advanced, highest-quality components on the market, you get a super long living battery. The Chargemander is good for 1200 battery cycles - that's 4x longer than most battery cases and power banks. That means your Chargemander will last you more than 3 years even if you use it every single day.


Lastly, we all know that running out of juice is strictly for n00bs. And carrying around a power station that take HOURS to charge, even days, isn’t ideal either. Don’t let that be you ...

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UPDATE: Sticker Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Please note: the camera hole on the front cover will now come with an optional plug.

Super friggin awesome decorative novelty stickers are available for purchase with your Chargemanders. Stick 'em on the inside cover, stick 'em on the front and stick 'em on the back! Stick 'em and catch 'em!!

decorate your Chargemander w Stickers!






What makes the Chargemander special isn’t its power, it’s the design. You can load your phone directly into the case because of the high-quality state-of-the-art semi-soft materials that we use around the inner grooves. Most importantly, the hard exterior shell protects your phone from heavy impacts and hard falls.

beautiful design
beautiful design

Inside our Factory (make sure you turn up those speakers because we threw on a pretty sweet tune!):

  Follow along and see the latest iteration of The Chargemander as its brought to life!

We were able to create a beautiful case that even the Professor himself would be proud of, while preserving the integrity of the phone’s core functionality. You can easily use the volume, sleep and home buttons as well as the lightning connector, headphone jack and bottom microphone... and, of course, both cameras.



classic red-yellow-green LED lights indicate battery level
classic red-yellow-green LED lights indicate battery level

There are the classic red yellow and green LED lights on the front of your Chargemander. You can use these to check your battery status. Simply press the blue button.

green means you're good to go
green means you're good to go


yellow means you start to make that final push
yellow means you start to make that final push

 Game for 33 hours straight. If your light goes red, head on home.

red means you're almost dead
red means you're almost dead
The front cover also doubles as a stand so that when you are sitting at your desk you can prop your phone up.
cover doubles as a stand
cover doubles as a stand

When you are out and about the front cover will also wrap completely around your chargemander and sit flat against the back so that it will never be in your way while you are hunting.

front cover tucks away flat against the back
front cover tucks away flat against the back


We know that trainers come in all shapes and sizes, as do their tools, which is why we are hoping to make versions of the Chargemander to accommodate all major Apple and Android cell phone models. After the campaign ends, we will send you a survey so that you can let us know which type of phone you have.

We are making Chargemander models that supports the following phones:

  • iPhone SE, 5, 5s (not 5c), 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7 (ALL MODELS including Edge and Active)

With all of the phone models listed above you will be able to access ALL of the exterior functions and buttons.

WE WILL NOW ALSO BE MAKING A UNIVERSAL-FIT VERSION OF THE CHARGEMANDER! (will work with 95%+ phones - more details to come!)


Don't see your phone listed above, but want us to make a Chargemander model for your phone type? If enough of you tell us to, we will! 

Please fill out this 20 second survey to tell us your phone model.

All Chargemanders come with the fast-charge wall charger.

All accessories can also be purchased separately. 



Chargemander lasts longer for every charge and the Chargemander would last you 4 years even if you use and charge it every single day!

Chargemander battery lifecycle lifespan
Chargemander battery lifecycle lifespan

What are the Chargemander's tech specs?

All Chargemanders come with a 5200 mAh lithium ion battery. All Chargemanders come with a Fast-Charge Input: DC19V/3.3A (total ~ 63W) ~15 min. to charge.

Charging iPhone Chargemanders:

  • Lightning Charge Input - 5V/2A - ~4+ hours to charge 
  • Output - Max of 5V/2.4A (iPhones limit the amperage to ~ 5V/1.5A) 

Samsung Chargemander Batteries:

  • Micro-USB Charge Input (QC2.0) - max of 9V/2A and 12V1.5A (total ~ 18w) - ~3+ hours charge 
  • Output - Max of 9V/2A or 12V1.5A (Chargemander will typically charge S5, S6 or S7 at ~ 9v1.3A)

How does The Chargemander charge so fast?

We leverage a fast-charge wall adapter that sends a ton of power to The Chargemander, butthe secret to our fast charging technology is our custom made protection circuit board (PCB), which is pictured below. The Chargemander PCB is able to accept a higher wattage input (~63W) with an increased energy conversion speed. This results in a faster charge and a lower wattage input than competitors. As a result of this increased energy conversion speed, we are able to provide this powerful charge, but still use a super portable adapter - compared to other fast charger brands, ours is 40%+ lighter at 150g, which is light enough to throw in your pocket before those super long gaming expeditions.



    See full timeline below:

    • July 10: Began design 
    • July 15: We began to build our Prototype 
    • August 15: Prototype Finished 
    • September 6th: Kickstarter Launches 
    • September 6th: Kickstarter hits goal!! 
    • September 6th: We put in initial PO 
    • October 7th: Kickstarter ended 
    • October 13th: Production began
    • October 25th: Extra battery testing begins to avoid Note 7 issues
    • November 28th: Production is finished and units ship to US warehouse, where they then immediately ship to all of you
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    Risks and challenges

    The biggest risk is not taking one at all. Or running out of battery when you are hunting a legendary. Do you really want to risk that?

    In all seriousness though, this project is backed by GogoToro. We're run by 2 passionate technologists that have a long track record for delivering great products. Check out Reid's last Kickstarter project, The Bernie Sanders Action Figure ( and look on instagram at all the happy people with their Bernies (

    We will do anything and everything to make this a reality.

    If you fund it, we will deliver it. Guaranteed.

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