Win a Chargemander Each Day in November!

Chargemander November Giveaway


Never run out of Battery again with The Chargemander, the Battery Case for Mobile Gamers! With an iconic gamer design, the Chargemander packs 300% extra battery and can be fully charged in just 15mins, making it the fastest charging battery case IN THE WORLD. 


What do I win?

You win 1 Chargemander (phone model of your choice - to see a list of phone models, please visit + 1 15min Fast Charge Wall Adapter. Total retail value is $149.


All Chargemander giveaways are in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other companies. All giveaways are sponsored by Chargemander which is owned by GogoToro Inc and feature only Chargemander products.  

Steps to Take Before You Enter

We try to make our giveaways as simple as possible. Whether you come across our contest on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other site, all you have to do is click on the link provided. From there, you will be directed to the Chargemander Contest page. Before any entries are counted, you must log in using your Email, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, or Twitter account.

Once you log in, you will be asked to provide your email address. This is very important because a confirmation email is sent to let you know that you have successfully entered the contest. You will also receive emails letting you know how many entry points you have earned and ways to earn more.

How to Enter

Here are the 12 different ways you can enter our giveaways and earn points:

  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Refer friends for extra entries - (Refer an unlimited amount of friends for multiple entries)
  • Visit Chargemander on Facebook
  • Follow @TheChargemander on Twitter
  • Retweet
  • Tweet on Twitter - (Tweet daily to earn multiple entries)
  • Tell us what type of phone you have
  • Visit our Kickstarter page
  • Kickstarter backer special
  • Visit
  • Purchase a Chargemander on (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER) 
  • Bonus

Please note: Contests are based on a point system. Points are listed on the contest page next to each entry type. To make sure points are accounted for, use the official Chargemander Contest Page when participating and remember to log in. YOU MAY ONLY WIN ONCE WITHIN A 12 MONTH PERIOD.

Requirements for Winners

We require that all winners send us a picture with your winning Chargemander, as well as post this picture on our Facebook page, on your own Facebook page and consent to allow us to post the picture as well. When we confirm you have received your winning Chargemander we will follow up to make sure these things have been completed :) 

How Not to Enter

Please do not contact Chargemander via email or through any social network messaging to be entered into contests. Since all contests are based on a point system, all entries have to be made through the official Chargemander Contest Page.

What if I encounter a problem?

If you experience any problems along the way, feel free to reach out to the Chargemander Team. You can contact us via email ( or by messaging us on any of our social networking sites. We are happy to work through any technical issues or questions you might have in order to make sure you don’t miss out.

How will I know if I won?

If you win, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to claim your prize. Winners have one week to claim their prize before another winner is selected.

Winners are also announced on all Chargemander social media networks.

Can international customers win?

Yes! The Chargemander is proud to have fans all over the world and we want to give you your fair chance to win as well. That being said, if an international customer wins, we will ask you to pay an international shipping fee of $19.99. 

When will I receive my Chargemander?

The estimated shipping date of The Chargemander is the week of November 21.