Chargemander Trade-In Program


We are pleased to offer the Chargemander Trade-In Program! This program is for anyone who has had their Chargemander for more than 30 days. Everyone at GogoToro is committed to making sure customers are satisfied with our products and happy with their purchases. In the event that you get a new phone or a Snorlax falls asleep on your old Chargemander and it stops working, we'll replace it for your new phone model no questions asked. We know that this is crazy and we lose money every time you take us up on this offer, but you can't put a price on a happy customer! 


In case you still have doubts about how easy our trade-in process is, we have included a list of acceptable reasons to trade-in one of our products. You can send your product back if:

- You get a new phone model

- You break your old Chargemander while running through central park chasing a rattata

- It was a birthday gift from your boyfriend/girlfriend, but they broke up with you and you want a fresh Chargemander

- Snorlax sleeps on it, Pikachu zaps it or sweet lil' Charmander burns it


1. Purchase a Trade-in for $19.99 plus s+h by visiting:

2. Then visit

3. Enter your 4 or 5 digit order ID, which can be found on your trade-in order confirmation email. Enter the email address used when placing the order.

4. Fill out reason for return/exchange
5. IMPORTANT: Please let us know what phone model you are trading in for in the text box here
6. You will receive an email with a trade-in shipping label
7. Please send all trade-ins in a padded envelope with JUST The Chargemander (no accessories or anything else) to:
GogoToro care of Mentor Media USA
Attn Return (your return # here)
3768 Milliken Ave.
Eastvale, CA 91752-1037

As soon as we receive your Trade-in, we'll send you a brand spankin' new Chargemander of a model of your choosing ASAP.

Trade-ins can take up to 30 days, but usually happen faster. 

It's that simple :)