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Henri Lammers
a bit bulky

it's a bit bulky but the charge can easily last all day.
It's also a great and actually functional cosplay prop.

Sabrina Franklin
Super cool!

So I originally got one for myself, but realized like an idiot I upgraded my phone a week before it arrived. It fits my old phone (now my mother’s) perfectly! And she appreciates how protected the phone is in the case. If I could have a chargmander in an iPhone XS size, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

Robert Almodovar II

I ordered the universal type-c for my OnePlus 3. It's a little bulker then I expect but works great. Took me a night to realize that the case can be charged independently from the phone. You can press the button so both case and phone will change together. I did not receive the charger, USB cable, or credit card sleeve shown in the picture. Also not a fan of the sticker. But overall GREAT charger if your a Pokemon Fan.

Go Mystic!!!

Awesome power bank

I love it. It works well and so far I have had no trouble charging it or with it charging my devices.

Coolest Power Bank Ever

It looks great, feels great, works great and extending it is super fun.

Perfect size

This collapses down to a nice small size and was perfect to keep my phone charged on my trip to Harry Potter World in Orlando!

Fantastically Magical

As powerbanks go, it’s not too heavy and the look and feel is amazing. I do question how long the extender will last (it’s to hard not to play with it) but the rest is built so well.
I have shown my wand to so many people and they love it!
I’m going to buy more as presents.

It’s a must have for those who dare battle with oddities and such!

It's magic time

Having this wand makes me feel like a real wizard! Kudos to the team that created this-great product!

Chargemander saved my life

when I was in the middle of an extremely intense gym battle and my phone ran out of juice

team instinct forever! *˚*(ꈍ ω ꈍ).₊̣̇.

💗 my wand!

Well thought of. Great packaging, will buy again soon to give to all my witch friends. 🧙‍♀️

Fulfilling My Wizard Dreams!

I have been obsessed with the Harry Potter series since I was a kid and have bought so much wands as my collection too before and since Wizards Unite was released few weeks ago, I really made myself equipped with something unique in the market, which is the CELLder Wand. I have decided to buy this because the Chargemander was definitely great for me and now I thought that buying a new power bank from Gogotoro is truly something amazing for me, my phone, and my augmented reality life. It is so fun to go around too and aside from it being a charger, you could even play with it like a real Ollivanders wand with the light effect. I truly recommend this product!

The Best Pokédex Ever!

I am so in love with my Chargemander! Finding for the right power bank is definitely difficult especially when you are a Pokémon Go addict like me. Most good power banks are heavy and sometimes charges for a long time, with the Chargemander, it is light to carry, which makes walking and catching Pokémons much easier and it charges my phone fast. This purchase of mine is truly worth every cent that I've paid!

Shannon Ariel
Awesome Product

Im using it right now in fact. Charges well and very cool aesthetic. Took a while to get here, but well worth the wait.

I had to Duel my Son because of this.

My son and I love the wand! We had to duel to know its rightful owner and sadly the wand has chosen my son. I will but another one to have another rematch with him! We never bonded like this since in ages. It was an awesome "Duel for the wand" before he's off to College. Thank you much!

Cellder wand

Really cool, feels like I have an actual wand hooked up to me phone that I can wave and make incantations or spells.

Best Power Bank EVER

I LOVE my Cellder Wand! As well as keeping my phone fully charged all day long, I really love the extendable design. When you push the button, the wand springs into action and it's so much fun to play with. Really love the box and carrying pouch too, I'm definitely going to buy as a gift for my friends who are obsessed with Wizards Unite :)

Perfect for Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Since the game came out I've been spending as much time in the wizarding world as I can but dang that games drains my bat. This wand power bank that looks a lot like Harry Potter's wand has extended my play already. BEWARE! You will have many jealous wizards and witches coming up and asking you about your wand if you are into that kind of thing ;)

Power Bank
Adam Gilbert
Solid powerbank for anyone!

Bought this and it came in the day before community day so it was perfect. Its charged my phone a ton and is deffinently worth it!