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Best Power Bank EVER

I LOVE my Cellder Wand! As well as keeping my phone fully charged all day long, I really love the extendable design. When you push the button, the wand springs into action and it's so much fun to play with. Really love the box and carrying pouch too, I'm definitely going to buy as a gift for my friends who are obsessed with Wizards Unite :)

Perfect for Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Since the game came out I've been spending as much time in the wizarding world as I can but dang that games drains my bat. This wand power bank that looks a lot like Harry Potter's wand has extended my play already. BEWARE! You will have many jealous wizards and witches coming up and asking you about your wand if you are into that kind of thing ;)

Power Cube
Solid powerbank for anyone!

Bought this and it came in the day before community day so it was perfect. Its charged my phone a ton and is deffinently worth it!

Love It!!!

The Chargemander is awesome, the battery is great, and all my friends are jealous that I have a Pokédex case

Power Cube
Beyond Loving

I received a few Power Banks and even though I haven’t experienced the full potential of them, I am beyond ecstatic to use them. The look, the feel, the functionality, just all of it is far better than I expected and I already KNEW that your products were of a high quality! So excited to use these!

Better than hoped for!

Charges great, looks great!
So happy I finally went for it!

Power Cube

Gamer Series Power Banks - QuickCharge 3.0 Portable Backup Gaming Chargers w/ Stickers - 10000mAh Type C

Big but I like it

I had to get the universal charger because i have a lg stylo 4. I dislike the front of the chargemander because the light of my phone shows through. Its cool and charges my phone but not in 15 minutes. But i got it just to help charge it while i am out. I have recommended this case to others as i feel it is worth it.

Power Cube

Awesome pieces of gear! Great designs and multiple charge points for different wires! Extremely happy, thank you so much!

Power Cube
Love at first sight

Love I mean love the power bank saved my but win my fitbit was dead and and I was running late for work but thank God I had it it save my butt

Chargemander Product Review

I love my Chargemander. It looks really slick. The one gripe that I have with it is that it’s very hard to fit in your pocket.

Power Cube

These power batteries are fantastic! They last a long time, they are stylish, and there's three of them! Great job, GGTR!

Power Cube
Long charge time.

The power banks are great. Only down side is how long it took for me to charge one the first time. Somewhere around an hour. But after that it seemed to take a charger faster so if doesn’t take as long now. This has nothing to do with the power bank but, if you were interested in the stickers they are gloss where as the battery is matt. So it looks off. The stickers are also just squares vs being cut close to the image.

Car charger

It's pretty good. Nothing special, but gets the job done.

Power Cube
Awesome power bank!

It’s been working really well the only negative is randomly when it charges it’s making a weird buzzing like sound


Google pixel 2xl

Shipping took about 2 weeks, packaging was done really well and secure. The product itself is well made though it's a bit bigger than my expectations however it does hold up to be a functional cosplay piece and that I love. I think the company is on the right track and I would continue to support them. 4 stars primarily for the shipping wait.

Fastest portable charger

It’s charges really fast and it only take 15min to charge the chargemander. Love the design and the stickers that come with it.


Great case funnto walk around with great that i get extra battery life although wish it would charge my phone under use at least twice but all in all i love the case


It's great


Wish there was a model specifically for Samsung Galaxy S8+, but it does the job right and no complaints about it other than being bigger than I expected.


Great item. Totally recommend owning one

It works amazingly

It’s so good and lasts for so long without dying and I love how it will charge to 100% even while flashing, I enjoy it a lot